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It's Complicated
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I prefer intellect and spirit over body. I am very nerdy, I dye my hair a new color every month though my natural is a mahogany red auburn. I love interesting makeup and edgy fashion. I am easily hurt...When I commit to someone, it is solid and unshakable. They have to crush me to get rid of me. I am nurturing and like pleasing people. I don't like confrontation much and will avoid it, even if something is being said about me. I am kinda spazzy, usually happy. I like piercings and tattoos. I Love my friends and will always be there for them especially those that stood by me in my darkest moments. I can be clumsy. I am very smart, though common sense sometimes defeats me. I snort when I laugh. And a friend once said I giggle like chimes. I am very spiritual. I am pansexual which is like bi but more awesome. I like men, women, and Timelords regardless of what is between their legs. My celebrity crush is Mat Smith who plays the 11th Doctor in the awesome "Doctor Who". I live an alternate way of life that many do not understand and I live it by a Masters collar around my neck and bells on my wrists. Lastly, though I may seem cute, happy, and good natured, I have a darker side that comes with drinking blood and preferring to not be in the sun a lot. It's not Twlight BS or a fetish or anything fake or crazy. Ask and I shall explain, but have an open mind.
Tulsa OK
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kylione0sushi (aol), visual0death (skype), nekohanyoukaiotetsu (yahoo)
Dancing, reading, writing, drawing, watching anime, movies, and reading manga. Cooking, trying new recipes, playing with my hair, style, and makeup, pleasing and serving a man strong enough to dominate me. Watching Doctor Who with my best friend. Cuddling with my kitty Lazarus. Being vegetarian. Being kinky. Gaming and playing WOW.
manga, anime, dancing, bdsm, kink, style and fashion, food, music, animals, gaming, RPG WoW, art
Favorite Music:
electro, dance, electronica, industrial
Favorite TV Shows:
Doctor Who, Bleach, Game of Thrones
Favorite Books:
Dark Tower, Eragon, Drizzt Do Urden, A Song of Fire and Ice.....I have a lot of books.

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